How it works

The bespoke suit, made for a gentleman by gentlemen. A bespoke suit defines the man, wearing a great choice of cloth and a fit that's made for you is what sets you apart.

Your First Appointment.

Step 1: Choosing a style.
There are so many to choose from, single button, tuxedo, business suit, power suit, double breast, single breast, peak, shawl or notch lapel. As you may know it can get terribly confusing if you have no idea what you want. So the best option is to look at styles ahead of time or we can show you a selection of styles. When choosing a style, the occasion you are wearing the suit for is key. You can't be wearing a tuxedo for work neither should you wear a morning suit to a casual affair. So we will take all the factors into account when choosing your style.

Step 2: Choice of cloth
The choice of the cloth is a whole lot more important than many people realize. It does not only depend on the colour, but the feel and quality can actually define the suit. The better the quality the better it will feel and fall on your body. Pure wools and wool and cashmere blends are the best options for business and formal affairs. Polyester blends retain heat and do not last as long as pure, natural fabrics. When looking for a suit for a casual or traveling affair, linen and cottons are excellent options.
When it comes to prints or plains. It comes down to personal choice and fashion preferences. A check suit can be pulled of by the stylish gentleman and a pinstripe suit can dominate a room just by you walking in wearing it.

Step 3: Measurements
Measurements are taken once we have selected the cloth and style. Measurements are done to your whole body and are taken with the fit you would like in mind. Weather you would want a slim fit, a conservative fit, a business fit, and so on. Also during measurements we will take into account if your body is changing in any way. God knows that before a wedding everyone tries to loose some extra kilos, if that's the case we will make note of it while cutting your suit. If you're a gym rat and in a bulking phase, we will also take that into our notes.

Your Second Appointment.

First fitting (The Shell)
When you come in for your first fitting we will have the shell of the suit/shirt/jeans ready you will try it on and with friends/family to give you an opinion if need be. This is a very crucial part of the bespoke process. At this stage our stylist and tailors will be examine how the suit sits on your body. What needs to be changed, what needs to be made looser, tighter, shorter or longer. All of these aspects are changed to make the suit, yours and our definition of utter perfection.

The details
After the first fitting is done we allow each customer to decide on ways to personalize the suit to their own preference. You as the customer will now choose items like linings, buttons and different colour stitching. To add a bit of yourself and personality to the suit/shirt/jeans, to really make it your own.

Your Third Appointment.

Second Fitting (The finished product)
When you visit us the third time. You will be at the end of your bespoke process. You will try on your suit/shirt/jeans for the final time and make sure everything in perfect and everything you've imagined. You will bring your shoes a long just to make sure every detail of the item is perfect.

Now that you have the whole look fully done and ready to go. Our in house stylists will accessorize your look with our ties, bow ties, pocket squares and lapel pins. If you need to match your date, the theme of your wedding or would just like to be fashionable our stylist will take all the details into account when Accessorizing you.

The End
When the whole process has come to an end and you are happy with your perfect fitting item. We now keep the record of your measurements with all changes done and we save it onto our database. So that if you would like to order something from us in the future we have your size and the process becomes a whole lot easier.

When ordering an item from us please note a deposit of 50% is required on your first appointment for us to get started with your order.
When we have completed your order the final amount will be paid before the item can leave the store.

Subject to the dollar-rand rate our prices vary.
Please note that minimum prices on the following items go as follows:
Suits start at R8500
Shirts start at R2000
Jeans start at R3500
Blazers start at R5500
Formal pants/ chinos start at R3000

*Prices may change at any time

Time Frame
Normal time frame on all orders is four - six weeks.
If a rush order of minimum three days - a week is required it can be done at an increased fee and subject to the schedule at the time.

Terms and conditions Apply