We believe in keeping a very wide range of fabric at all of our stores. Allowing the customer to get exactly what they want. We allow you to choose from over 10 000 different suitings, shirtings and denims. If you can't find the fabric you want from the choices at hand, we will create the fabric you want. With all our fabrics coming from Europes biggest fabric houses, the quality of the fabric of your suit & shirt will match the excellent craftsmanship.

Fabric Brands we use:
- Loro Piana (Italy)
- Dormeuil (France / England)
- Holland & Sherry (England)
- Dugdale Bros & Co. (England)
- Barrington Wool (England)
- Lanfico Cerruti (Italy)
- Drago (Italy)
- Vitale barberis canonico (Italy)
- Hardy Minnis (England)
- J & J Minnis (England)
- Thomas Ogilvy (England)
- Virtuso (Italy)
- Gladson (England)
- Huddersfield Fine Worsted ( England)
- Huddersfield Cloth (England)