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“In Menswear do as the Italians do.” These are the words that Gavin the groom wanted to achieve with his attire. Him and I spent a quiet Tuesday afternoon at our Brooklyn studio discussing what he wanted out of a wedding suit. He emphasized that he wanted a grey suit, but the sort of grey that can be worn for a wedding, a meeting or a night out. He also told me about how a fabric with a great feel is of utmost importance to him. Initially we settled on a Drago Super 130s pure wool. The cloth was a gorgeous medium grey weighing in at 240g it was perfect option for year round use. Just as we’re about to begin measurements, Gavin came across the Dormeuil Amadeus Collection. He went through the collection and found a certain shade of grey that spoke to him. Taking the term bespoke to a new literal meaning, he was as sure of the fabric as he was of the woman he was going to marry.

Once the fabric was out of the way we discussed the style. He wanted a fairly wide lapel with soft shoulders. He went for a 3-Piece to stand out from the wedding chatter and to assert his position as the groom. With the style he also didn’t want to go with a very slim fit. He chose a trouser that was semi-highwaisted without belt loops and self adjusters. The whole look came together with an olive green tie from our latest collection. Being very pleased with the end result and with time to spare before the wedding Gavin said that his mum always dreamt of him as a dashing groom in navy suit, so he decided to add a Thomas Ogilvy Navy Birdseye 2-Piece to his order. As you will see he pulled it off superbly, making his mother a very proud woman.


What really stood out about Gavin as a groom is how he effortlessly pulled off the suits. Bringing to light the difference between style and fashion.


Groom: Gavin

Bespoke Grey Suit: Dormeuil Amadeus 3-Piece: POA

Bespoke Pure White Egyptian Cotton Shirt: POA

Olive Green Silk Tie: R1 500

Bespoke Navy Suit: 2-Piece Thomas Ogilvy: POA

Brown Silk Tie: R1 500


By Omar Osman